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Over the past seven years, we at Mistileyito Education Consult have been helping students apply to universities/colleges  abroad. 

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Canada Work Permit

Another area of expertise where the clients are satisfied is with the transparent advice provided to them.

With about seven years of experience, we have been helping people to realise their dreams of working and living in Canada through our Canada Work Permit which is 100% sure.

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visa counselling

One of our areas of expertise is the Student visa wherein we first look into the students IELTS score which is mandatory.

Consequently, we look into the area of interest of the student and the institution that matches the requirement of the student. To bring to the light , we have tie-ps with more than 70 academics and educational instituions in Canada that ensures that the student's needs are met.

Our team of experts is constantly making sure to deliver the quickest and smoothest process of visa processing to the students with the success rate of 85-90% . To add the extra benefit, we ensure that the students receive post visa services with us such as airport pick up, work permit and many more

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You can get there from here, we've got it.

We at MECA establsihed in November 2014, We are dedicated to providing the best customer service to our Students. Our goal is to make your study abroad program  enjoyable and Achievable . We provide counselling on Visa process, admission to Colleges and Universities in UK, USA,Canada,Germany, Austrailia and Dubai..


Our team of counselling have years of experience in the student/ Visitors visa processing and study abroad programms. They come from a background of processing student in the field of studies they worked in prior to joining MECA.


Our Motto is simple: YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE.

I had been looking to study abroad in Uk with the budget at hand. I contacted the study abroad adviser at Mistileyito Educational Consult, Abuja . And just by talking back and forth via email, Mr. Adeyemo let me know that studying in Uk is easier than I thought it was cos I was actually thinking I could not because of the high tuition and the living expenses. But thanks to him and his company Mistileyito Educational Consult, I was given a discount for applying through him and also the issue of living expenses was sort out. Lest I forget, he also processed my visa and I got my offer letter from the university where I am studying right now within days of submitting my application. I am Chikeluba Stanley, presently studying Msc Building service technology at Bedfordshire university Uk
Chikelubar Stanley

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